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When most people think about medical professionals, they seldom consider the business aspect of a medical career, nor would they relate entrepreneurship with the same individuals. However, aside from providing patient-centric medical care in their particular niche of medicine, medical professionals seek to curate careers that allow them to partake in important research, remain professionally fulfilled, explore a passionate field, and provide the services they render to be most important. Like any other professional, these committed individuals seek to grow, advance in their field, and remain impassioned throughout their professional trajectory.

For Florida-based medical dermatologist Dr. Tim Ioannides, the desire to provide solely medically-driven dermatological procedures in a field dominated by cosmetically-based practices led him to open his own practice. Through this bold step, Dr. Ioannides was able to pivot his career path, dedicate his time to a niche he felt strongly about, and remain in charge of his own professional destiny. Setting an example for the next generation of unlikely young entrepreneurs within any industry, Dr. Ioannides’ story lends inspiration for young professionals on the journey to curating a meaningful career.

Find Your Passion.

While earning his PhD from the University of Miami School Of Medicine, Dr. Tim Ioannides explored his motivation for Medical Dermatology. Previously, the budding medical professional completed a comprehensive doctoral internship program at the University of Florida School of Medicine Health Science Center, where his innate interest in skin cancer, skin diseases, and medically based dermatology began to undoubtedly grow. Throughout this important time in his educational journey, Dr. Ioannides had many opportunities to explore multiple disciplines, to question his potential journey, and hone in on a niche that would become his professional motivation. Certain of his drive toward medical dermatology, Dr. Ioannides completed a residency program at the University of Miami School of Medicine in the Department of Dermatology and Cutaneous Surgery at Jackson Memorial Hospital.

Become Certified, Licensed, And Educated.

After pursuing extensive education, Dr. Tim Ioannides became Board Certified in Dermatology through the American Board of Dermatology. In order to practice his craft professionally in a medical setting, and become a trusted member of the medical community, Dr. Ioannides recognized the importance of obtaining all needed certifications and licenses. Without these important professional certifications, Dr. Ioannides would not have been able to practice dermatology, and begin his professional journey.

Define Your Goals.

Post-matriculation, Dr. Ioannides began his career at an established dermatological practice. Certain of his unwavering commitment to dermatology, he was pleased to enter the field, and to gain extensive insight related to daily operations of a thriving practice, patient interaction, and other “on the job” skills. However, he also began to recognize his growing passion for medically-based dermatology, rather than cosmetically-driven procedures. Simultaneously, he also recognized that a large portion of dermatology practices focused on cosmetic treatments, as they were a profitable source of income for the practices. Driven by the desire to partake in innovative skin cancer research, provide skin cancer treatment options to patients, and to care for skin conditions, Dr. Ioannides knew that he would have to make significant changes in order to be able to dedicate his professional life to the niche areas of dermatology that impassioned him.

Make Niche Dreams A Reality.

For Dr. Ioannides, the manifestation of his niche dream came in the form of entrepreneurship. Essentially, if the specific focus on medical dermatology was not widely available within existing practices, he would have to create his own! Motivated by the prospect of devoting his time to caring for medically-based dermatological issues, skin cancer, and skin disorders, Dr. Ioannides set forth to launch Treasure Coast Dermatology in Florida, with the goal of specializing in only medical dermatology. While he did provide some cosmetic procedures in the beginning to gain a positive cash flow for his fledgling business, Dr. Ioannides swiftly pivoted to a medically-based model quickly, and never looked back. Combining his innate interest and passion for medical dermatology, along with practical knowledge relating to patient care, daily operations, and staffing, Dr. Ioannides created the exact place where he previously dreamt of working.

As a result of his passion toward the niche industry, hard work, and commitment to raising awareness of the importance of skin care and safety, Treasure Coast Dermatology began to swiftly grow. To best serve the growing needs of increasing numbers of clients, Dr. Ioannides expanded the practice to include six standalone locations, serving Saint Lucie, Martin, and Indian River counties. Through a commitment to a patient-first experience, proactive patient education, and ongoing research within the field of medical dermatology, Dr. Ioannides’ business saw continued growth since inception. While he certainly wouldn’t call himself a career entrepreneur per se, his expanding practice is an example of a successful business venture, created out of a passion for medical dermatology.

Seek Specialization, Continue To Grow.

With the prevalence of skin cancer throughout the country continuously vast and unwavering, Dr. Ioannides committed to lending his expertise throughout various groundbreaking research studies, including a prolific study for a potential skin cancer vaccine. Not only did this participation assist in the study, it allowed Dr. Ioannides to partake in an industry-evolving study that could potentially eradicate skin cancer in the future. A proud moment for Dr. Ioannides, his participation in such pivotal studies leveraged his continued commitment to the field of medical dermatology.

In addition, Dr. Ioannides became certified to perform the highly specialized Mohs Micrographic Surgery, a revolutionary new treatment for skin cancer. Unlike previously widely utilized skin cancer surgeries, Mohs surgery allowed medical professionals to remove the cancer itself, along with surrounding “roots” that could initiate the eventual return of skin cancer. This concise surgery also allowed medical professionals the opportunity to examine all cells under the microscope post-removal, which was not previously available, providing more comprehensive care than ever before. Recognizing the importance of this specialized procedure on the outcomes of skin cancer for his patients, Dr. Ioannides received specialized training to become certified to perform Mohs Surgery, and became a member of the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery, and the American Society for Mohs Surgery.

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Originally published at on June 26, 2020.

Dr. Tim Ioannides is the founder of Treasure Coast Dermatology located in Port Saint Lucie, Florida